Ace Base v.0.97: K9 Bundle - Vrchat Furry Avatar Base & Blender Rig for animations

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(Last updated: 2024-03-30) (Ace Base, Version 0.97) (Unity Package, Substance Painter Files)

After a long time of development, we are thrilled to launch this avatar bundle, built entirely from scratch!

The Ace Base K9 is a modular basic canine avatar base built for VRChat, but can also be used for renders, VRM for streaming and more! The modular design idea came from me wanting to create a template that makes it easier for both me, and any other eventual editors that want to make mods for this base, as you can edit out parts of the body inside of unity. This will speed up my workflow to give you more content, and connect us with anyone that want to take a crack on making heads, tails, ears, or what ever their heart desires. Also, all clothing that I or others create will also work for future modified Ace bases.

More pictures without the clothing activated, etc, join my discord channel and look under "Ace Model Example Pictures!"

For questions, support and community click the button below to join our discord server!

Hellfire Rebellion Discord

This package includes:

  • 2 body meshes/rigs, one masculine, one feminine.
  • 3 Texture variants for both bodyshapes, Light Wolf, Fox, and Dark Wolf
  • Versions for desktop users, optimised medium rank builds, and builds with every clothing, physics and features included.
  • FREE Fem and Masc clothing sets! Glasses, Cap, Collar, Piercings, Shoes, etc. These are connected through VRCFury!
  • 10 body shapes in total, these can be altered in-game through a Puppet Menu
  • 6 ear shapes - with combinations, these can be altered in Unity before uploading
  • 6 face shapes with optional fluff, these can be altered in Unity before uploading
  • Body interactibility with physbones on breasts, thighs, butt
  • Feet responds to ground pressure
  • Adjustable nail lengths, these can be altered in Unity before uploading
  • In-game arm flexing physics for both bodies
  • UWU-parts (examples can be found in my discord), fully rigged and animated, powered by SPS shader, all parts for both bodies ;)
  • Optional - Face / Eye Tracking, Created with Unified Expressions template, used with VRCFaceTracking v.5, powered by 150+ blendshapes
  • Face gestures and lipsync powered by VRC Expressions
  • Optional - Digigrade Rig Legs, created with rotation and position constraints
  • Breathing Animation Override, the chest and throat moves with each breath
  • Ear Twitch Animation Override, the ear twitches every once in a while
  • Tongue Puppet for controlling tongue movement while emoting, Tail puppet for controlling tail position
  • Tail wag toggle
  • Simple Substance Painter for editing Textures
  • Tutorials (coming soon!)
  • FBT Compatible

Important notes:

  • Clothing works separately to each body, because of the difference in shape and RIG.
  • Install VRCFury, liltoon shader, latest release of VRCSDK or Creator Companion, and make sure that your unity is the version that VRChat recommends!
  • Make sure to install all the required addons to your Unity BEFORE installing my Unity Package into your Unity Project

UPDATE - v0.97 Patch Notes:

  • Added shapekey to Feminine to prevent intersections between foot and shoes.
  • Improved design for CheekFur and EarFur textures to match with the Punky Hair asset better
  • Improved anatomy on feminine "flat" shapekeys
  • Added Arms+ and Flat BiggerPecs on Flat Thicc shape
  • Added Flat BiggerPecs and Arms+ shapekeys for feminine
  • Fixed toggle on Digi Shoes for feminine body
  • Fixed masc collar leather texture to appear in package
  • Improved anatomy on TummyFat+, also has fat storage throught body
  • Thicc shape now has Arms+ instead of Biceps and Triceps+, and Back+ has been added
  • Thicc Flat now has Arms+ and Back+ added
  • Dark Wolf Masc now has its opacity mask on OtherFur, oops <.<'
  • Ring Asset "Pentagram Teeth Ring" added to package as a special thanks to followers!
  • Changed shapekey normal import settings on feminine, ticked off legacy normals, using area weighted calculations instead.
  • Shoe toggle on Full Loaded Builds also toggle toe physics

Known Issues:

Note, this is version 0.97, so there is some small bugs, that will be fixed asap!

  • Few minor intersections with clothing
  • Masculine body shoulders are a tiny bit too high on desktop VRC.
  • Some piercings (like septum, snakebites) are not rigged properly, due to facetracking shapes, etc.
  • Barely noticable intersections with masc emotes
  • Substance painter to Photoshop conversion is a bit tricky, looking into ways to fix a photoshop file for those that want it.
  • Avatar has alot of loose parts that combines into one character, this may make editing textures harder since theirs more mats to paint, but editing mesh structure easier, and allows for future modification packages. This wont change, unless I create a specific body mod in the future.

...Other than that, should be running normally. Let me know if you find anything out of the ordinary on my discord servers support page!


When you purchase this avatar, you are agreeing to the terms below.

What am I allowed to do?

  • Any modification of this Avatar, go ham! As long as your uploaded character is for personal use!
  • You may also trade commissions for these customised assets, as long as both parties have purchased the model.
  • Use this model for streaming, renders, and other social videogames, just make sure to give credit, where credit is due : )
  • Create new parts to the avatar and sell them, ie. heads, tails, hands, feet, etc. As long as you do not include my models in your package.
  • Create new textures packs and sell them, again, without including any of my assets in your package.
  • You may includee my base in your modification only if you post the base model in the "verified ace k9 chat", that is only for people that has already purchased this base!
  • You may get commissions for editing anything on the base, as long as its personal use

What am I not allowed to do?

  • This model is copyrighted.┬áThe artist reserves the rights to the model for uses in such purposes: advertising, media, games. The model may not be used for commercial purposes without explicit permission from the artist.
  • Do not use this model with the intention of harassment or disrespect.
  • Do not claim to be the author of this model
  • Do not resell this product, not even if it is a modification, or if you have added new assets to it.


/Skully Hellfire

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Ace Base v.0.97: K9 Bundle - Vrchat Furry Avatar Base & Blender Rig for animations

43 ratings
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